As a wholesale business, we will only sell to ABN/ACN holders

About us

Smiling Life, the Party Maker is a wholesale company that is eliminating the middle wholesalers and creating a streamlined service direct from the Manufacturer to the Retailers. Unlike many of our competitors over 70% of our products are manufactured by us in one of our two manufacturing plats located in China and then delivered to our Distribution Center located in Melbourne, Victoria.

Our party paper products are sold all over the globe with the majority of our International customers residing in European countries. We are a genuine wholesaler with genuine products made with the end user in mind.

Our Development strategy is simple, The Best Product, The Best Designs and the Best possible price. This strategy is evident in our works created the capture the eyes and minds of everyone enjoying our Party Maker brand.

Having only been in operation for two years on the Australian shores we have grown at a rapid pace and have already made the shift from our small 400m2 warehouse into our much larger 1200m2 warehouse, thus allowing us to bring in more products, store more items and offer a more comprehensive product list and a much stronger pricing structure.

We value our clients and always have our 3 key Focuses in mind to ensure we deliver the best possible outcome for everyone who shops with us.

Trust- We want to show that you can trust us with your business and will always deliver the best result for you.Honesty- We believe that being honest is always the best policy, we are honest with you and ourselves and we are always here to help guide you to the right conclusionRapport- We want to work with you, be there for you and help cultivate a fruitful business relationship between our two great companies, we think big but act small.

Believe. Achieve. Produce.